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Create and Print Yearbook

UBuildABook is a great option to create and print Organization, Company, and Business Yearbooks. We also print yearbooks for other types of schools and organizations, including Club BooksMBA SchoolMedical SchoolNursing SchoolDental SchoolVeterinary School, and many more. We also print yearbooks for other types of schools and organizations, including High School YearbooksMiddle School YearbookHome School YearbooksCollege Yearbooks and Graduate School Yearbooks. We have many features which will benefit your school greatly. Our print quality is extremely high and our turnaround time is very quick, just to mention a few.

UBuildABook provides software multiple options for creating and printing your Soft or Hard Cover Organization Yearbook.

Which Option Will You Choose?

Option 1

Yearbook Fusion Software

We can provide multi-user, Local Area Network or Internet Remote Storage-Based Yearbook Fusion Software by Lumapix for a small annual license fee.
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Option 2

FREE PhotoBook Software

We provide single-user Photobook Software for FREE.
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Option 3

Yearbook Pro Online

Our online software has a complete set of powerful, modern features including managing school portraits, online collaboration, and numerous page design and editing tools.
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The UBuildAbook Advantage

Option 4

Your Own Software

 We can accept PDF files created with   any program you desire. We also   provide free QuickStart templates for   Desktop Publishing Solutions such as:





Printing Your Yearbooks

UBuildABook is a great option for printing yearbooks. We print yearbooks for all types of schools and organizations. We have many features that will greatly benefit your school or organization. Our print quality is extremely high and our turnaround time is very quick, just to mention a few. Here are some of the benefits of ordering your yearbook with UBuildABook. 

  • Fast turnaround time. We typically ship your books two weeks after proof approval.
  • Later File Submission Deadlines, no more than 40 days before planned shipping date. Include your Year-End Events with our Final File Submission only 2-3 weeks before planned shipped date.
  • Print the EXACT NUMBER OF YEARBOOKS you need. Save money by not having leftover books.
  • Fully bound or unbound proof book available, before we print your order.
  • Very Competitive Pricing. Click here for a Sample of our Prices.
  • EZ Pay
        We eliminate the hassle of collecting money.
        You set the price and parents pay us directly with Credit Card, Paypal or Electronic Check
        Full accounting to the schools of monies collected.
  • Cover Options
        Personalization available -- both names and pictures for soft or hard cover.
        Title on spine for all hard covers and for soft cover over 90 pages
        Glossy or Matte lamination available
  • Order can be mixed between hard cover and soft cover yearbooks.
  • Year in Review - 8 page insert
  • Quick Start Templates available. But we do not require you to use our templates -- we can accept your book layout in any program.
  • Reorders are on demand -- this means that we can reprint as few as 6 yearbooks for up to 2 years after your original order.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed.

If you would like a yearbook sample, contact us today and request a sample.  Get Pricing