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If you are an author, UBuildABook offers you a valuable resource - the ability to self publish your book. UBuildABook offers you the ability to print on demand which means that you can specify how many books you want to run at a time rather than having to order huge amounts of books which can be costly, especially if your books don't sell. With UBuildABook, you can test the market and only order your books when you are ready to. You can print ten books or a thousand books and we have a low minimum for reorders. With UBuildABook, you can create high quality books and sell them online or in bookstores.

BEWARE of the many SCAM ARTISTS in the Book Publishing Business -- Click Here to see write-up from the Publishers Standard Board.

The UBuildABook Self Publish Advantage :

    • Book Printing & Binding with Custom Hard and Soft Book Covers.
    • Print on Demand -- from 1 to 1000 books
    • Free Proof for orders of 50+ books
    • Standard or custom sizes (from 4" x 4" to 12" x 12")
    • 3-4 week Turnaround (after proof approval) (temporarily extended due to Covid-19 and supply chain issues)
    • Low Minimum on Re-Orders
    • Full Color, Black & White or Mixed Color/B&W
    • All Work Guaranteed*
    • You Can Design or We Can Design
    • No Templates. Just send us a PDF file 

Printing your own book is a great option for writers as it puts you in charge of the entire procedure. Now you no longer need to deal with a middle man and you don't need to worry about large publishing houses who make you order more books than you are comfortable ordering. At UBuildABook, we can print your books faster than the standard book printing companies and you can order as many as you desire.

Printing on Demand is a great way you, the author, can control your royalties. The average author who goes through the usual channels of publishing, only receives 6-10% in royalties while the average self publishing author who uses print on demand technology, receives 30-100% royalties. The difference in profits is enormous!

Even if you are not interested in selling your book, UBuildABook is still a great option when it comes to creating your book. We are very cost competitive and we allow you to be the sole designer of your book-you can create your book in any size (up to 12"x12") and you can print it in black and white or in full color. Whether you are creating books to sell or just to share with your friends and family, UBuildABook is a great way to go.

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