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Imagine being able to write and publish a custom children's book!

Many adults want to write children's books, but 99% of them have absolutely no idea what they are doing.  They only know that they have a great idea for a children's book and they have a burning desire to get it published.

With UBuildABook, we make it easy to self -publish your children's book, from 1 to 5000 books. We have free Photobook software to help layout and prepare your book for printing or you can use your own software.  To use our free Photobook software, you just need to drag and drop your images and/or illustrations onto a page, add the words, arrange the page’s, and then add the book cover.

We can print both soft cover and hard cover children's books and ship them directly to you or ship some to Amazon or another distributor to help you sell them.

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Getting a children's book published can be challenging, but the difficulty level ultimately depends on the path you choose to pursue. The traditional publishing route is often more demanding, as it involves submitting your manuscript to literary agents or publishers who receive numerous submissions daily, particularly within the same genre. Standing out amidst such competition can be quite a feat. Additionally, if you do manage to secure a deal with a traditional publisher, you might have to compromise on some aspects of creative control. Nevertheless, self-publishing offers an alternative that can make the process of publishing a children's book less challenging. By taking this route, you retain complete control over the entire printing and publishing process. Self-publishing platforms like Ubuildabook provide comprehensive support and services tailored to children's book authors. For instance, their expert design team can assist you in creating an eye-catching cover that will grab readers' attention. Ubuildabook free Photobook software can provide a way to design yourself without hiring expensive editors and writers. You can control publishing your book and choosing your own marketing method so you are in control of all your profits and can successfully publish your book. Deciding to self-publish can offer a smoother and more controlled journey towards seeing your children's book in print.


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