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If you own a business where you sell multiple products, creating your own printed book in the form of catalogs is a great sales tool. You can reach multiple markets and represent your products with high quality, full color photograph layouts. A book catalog is a great way to introduce new products to the market as well.

Using a print catalog is a great way to maximize hard copy media in addition to your website. Books are rarely thrown out and customers can repeatedly access your catalog when they want to order or re-order your products. Best of all, if your products change, rather than being stuck with hundreds of old catalogs, we offer print on demand services which means that you can change pages in your catalog and place smaller orders to ensure that you won't have left-over, unusable catalogs.

Catalog publishing can also make your company appear to be more legitimate than just having a website. Owning and creating a website is easier now than ever before. There are many people who have a limited understanding of html and with that limited knowledge, almost anyone can create a website which might cause your customers to be wary about online purchasing. A professional custom catalog might help relieve some of this uneasiness as it is another way to prove the legitimacy of your company. It might also appeal to those who tend not to want to purchase from a website.

Here are some ideas that you might find useful which other customers have used in their printed catalogs:

    • Including information on an upcoming promotion
    • Spotlighting a new product
    • Highlighting an added value technique such as a sale or a buy one get one free
    • Introducing a seasonal catalog (i.e. a summer catalog)
    • A section on the corporate identity of your company: the history of the company, etc.
    • Any informational section which might clarify how to use your products, etc.


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