PDF Output Using Adobe InDesign

Some options may vary depending on what version of InDesign you are using.

  • When you are ready to create a PDF go to the File menu and click on Adobe PDF Presets and [High Quality Print]...
  • Once the Export window opens pick a save location that's easy to find and name your file.

Example: "YourName-FileType-(Date).pdf"

  • Next the Export Adobe PDF window will open.  Under the General tab, make sure Pages is set to All and Export As is set to Pages.

  • Under the Marks and Bleeds tab make sure All Printer's Marks is turned OFF, and Use Document Bleed Settings is turned ON.  The Bleed section should match your document settings.


  • Before you click on Export make sure to click on Save Preset... and call it UBuildABook.  Now every time to want to make a PDF you can select UBuildABook from the Adobe PDF Presets menu instead of adjusting these settings every time.

  • After you have saved the Preset for later use you can click on the Export button and you will produce a PDF that matches the setting you used in InDesign.

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