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Yearbook Pro Online Software

UBuildABook is pleased to be able pass along our special yearbook software licensing arrangement, with Yearbook Pro Online Software, to our customers.

Yearbook Pro Online Software, the next generation of yearbook software, is being offered as another option to our yearbook customers. This powerful online software offers a fully-featured, all-in-one solution for laying out and submitting professional-caliber yearbooks and is EASY TO USE with a much shorter learning curve than other leading Yearbook Software products. This speeds the process of laying out complete yearbooks--from cover to cover.

The results will delight you: Visually sophisticated books that combine collage, candid pages, automated

class panels, and lots of papers, textures, and frames pulled from an extensive online library of graphical embellishments.  Use an existing template or create your entire book from scratch--the choice is yours.

What Are Some Features Yearbook Pro Online Software Has To Offer?


  • Complete set of powerful, modern features including management of school portraits via the PSPA standard,
  • Online collaboration with adviser approval, a
  • Comprehensive set of page design and editing tools, and a
  • Full suite of professionally designed content.

Watch the Video Tutorials to learn how Yearbook Pro Online works.








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