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Yearbook Fusion, offered by UBuildABook, is the next generation of yearbook software, It is being offered as another option to our yearbook customers. This powerful PC/Mac software offers a fully-featured, all-in-one solution for laying out and submitting professional-caliber yearbooks and speeds the process of laying out complete yearbooks--from cover to cover. Some of the software features are:

  • Automated panel creation: Create professional looking page designs in minutes rather than hours
  • PSPA CD import: Easily import your student data and photos from your photographer
  • 40 installation licenses: Allowing schools to install Yearbook Fusion on up to 40 computers
  • Sharing work on-line: Hybrid workflow technology allows your to share your work with others over the Internet
  • Full built-in graphics editor: Edit, adjust, crop your images and artwork right inside
  • Prebuilt templates and designs: Includes road tested templates and designs to make your yearbook project easier
  • Direct integration with UBuildABook. Simply click and submit your yearbook directly to UBuildABook

Yearbook Fusion Software is supported on almost all recent Windows and Macintosh platforms We offer full support of the software including extended hours telephone support, and 24-hour email support.

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Want to learn more?

If you're ready to get started on your yearbook project or just interested in learning more about our software options, sign-up through the form on the right for one of our FREE yearbook training webinars! Typically training webinars run 60 minutes in length and covers topics such as:

  • Quick start guide to using UBuildABook’s Yearbook Fusion Design software
  • Overiew of advanced design features in Yearbook Fusion (AutoCollage, PSPA "flowing", image enhancement, etc.)
  • Online storage and collaboration - when working in teams, make it easier to share and review work over the Internet
  • Submitting your finished book for production
  • Introduction to UBuildABook’s full range of yearbook services

Other training topics are available upon request. Training webinars are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and are available throughout the year.

If you have any questions before you sign up please give us a call at 866-909-3003 x 218.

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