Creating a Soft Cover

Cover Dimensions and Spine Size Calculator can be found here.

Cover Specifications and Spine Calculator for Soft Cover Books

Things to keep in mind when building your soft cover:

- The Final Trim size is .125' (1/8) smaller on the width and .25" (1/4) smaller on the height than the selected page size to make the cover flush with the content.

- The bleed is .25" (1/4) around the outer edges.

- The safe zone is also .25" (1/4)

- Text on the spine is available if the spine is 5/16" and larger.


Basic Layout for Soft Cover:


The Finished Soft Cover

It's very easy to get "lost" in all this design jargon about bleeds and safe zones so let's take a minute to visualize what your file will look like when it's a finished cover.

Cover file with bleeds, safe zones, and your spine
The finished book. Notice all the bleed has been cut off


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